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Anonymous asked: People say Tangled was in 3 stages, Unbraided, the Tangled we all know and love, and then an mysterious darker one in between.Was there actually another story idea there? Or was it the same story as the version we know?

Tangled changed so much from inception to release that it’s really hard to separate it into stages. Even in the final year of production after animation had started, they were still making big story changes.

The original story of Rapunzel is, like most German fairy tales, quite a dark story by Disney standards. I would assume at some point much more of the original story was in tact, but they moved away from that as they usually do. From what I know of “Rapunzel: Unbraided”, it was never really all that dark. If there were a darker version of the story in the works, it was probably toned down early on. 

One thing I know for sure though is that visually, the film was, in a sense, originally much “darker”. In the first version of the film they were attempting to mimic the style and color pallet of Jean-Honore Fragonard’s “The Swing.” I distinctly remember being extremely excited when they announced that plan because I’ve always wanted (and still do) to see a movie that looks like a painting.




photo tangled_art_color_key_10_B_zpsd201b4df.jpg

The concept art might be why people say the film started out dark.

They moved away from this style I believe around the time Glen Keane had to step down as director. The new directors wanted to go for the classic “Disney” look. They even went to Fantasyland in Disneyland for inspiration.

I know I sort of skirted the question, but I figured I would chime in with what I know. Everything I’ve said is speculation based on concept art and what stories I’ve heard about the production. Anyone should feel free to add more precise info to this if they have it.

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Model Sheet Monday

"Tangled" 2010

These aren’t exactly model sheets, they’re character development sketches. In between concept and final design. A lot of these are notes to the character modelers and animators. They’re really fun to look at though. I also just really like Rapunzel, that’s the main reason I’m posting them.

Rapunzel designed by Glen Keane.

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And here’s a fun clip about Glen Keane’s process for improving the animation on Tangled. He would draw over the shot as a reference for the animators so they could push the animation to be as good as it can be.

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Here’s the actual video of the Rapunzel pencil test by Glen Keane.
Thanks to everyone who helped me find this stuff! 

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