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"Mushka" teaser

Andreas Deja is working on his own animated film!

I will be living with these two for a while, since they are the main characters of my animated film.
It is a story of love and sacrifice, set in Russia. I have been working on story and pre-production throughout the year and will go into production next year.
The style will be a sort of like an animated sketchbook. I had been wondering if instead of using digital color I could just use color pencil shading right on the animation drawings. When applied very carefully the flickering will be minimal. 
Looking forward to it!


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"Lady and the Tramp" 1955

Andreas Deja posted these on his blog as part of his one-year anniversary. If you don’t read his blog, you’re missing out.

Frank Thomas animated the first section, just before the famous spaghetti dinner. 
"Settle down with This One?" Lady asks. Tramp is caught off guard by Tony’s remark, he explains this is a misunderstanding because of the cook’s bad English.
There is embarrassment, a clearing of his throat and a sigh of relief, when he feels Lady sort of buys his explanation.
So much stuff going on in that one Tramp close up. Frank Thomas is AMAZING! 

- Andreas Deja

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"The Jungle Book" 1967

This is from some sort of seminar about the film for the 40th anniversary re-release. The man speaking at the end is Andreas Deja, Disney animator and animation historian.

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Some more from “Kingdom of the Sun”, the film that eventually became “The Emperor’s New Groove.”

Here you can see some of the original “prince and the pauper” storyline, as well as some interesting work on Yzma by Andreas Deja.

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More “Beauty and the Beast”, seeing as it was re-released in 3D today. 

Gaston, by Andreas Deja.


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