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Rough animation at its finest

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arythusa asked: Not meaning to be nitpicky, but I believe your numbers may be a little off in your recent ask. While 2D western animation is shot at 24FPS, most Disney-level animation is animated on 2s, or 12FPS, with occasional 1s (24FPS) on fast motions. I don't think anyone except Richard Williams has ever made a serious attempt to animate all 24 frames in a second, since that's quite a bit more than the human eye can see! Unless I'm missing something....

Ah, no, you’re right. I mis-spoke (mis-typed?). 

Shot at 24 FPS, animated at much lower. However, my point about in-betweens still stands.

Also, humans can actually recognize up to 60 fps. Anything past that is negligible. 24 fps was chosen for film because it had the best ratio between quality and cost. Video is 30 fps and some new films (Like the Hobbit) are being shot at even higher.

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